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manifesting peopleWould you like a free book on the Principles of Successful Manifesting?

Some of the Chapters in this 63 page book include:

    • Exploring the Source of Happiness
    • The Importance of Knowing What You Want from Life
    • 10 Impeding Beliefs that Prevent You from Getting Rich
    • Quantum Physics - The New 21st Century Life Paradigm
    • What is the Law of Attraction?
    • A Spiritual Viewpoint of Free Will
    • Intention - Aim for Your Goals
    • Creating Your Intentions Worksheet
    • Imagination - Your Magic Virtual Reality World

Just enter your first name and email below and your Free book full of manifesting tools will be delivered to you. Below your name and email is a place for you to list your favorite manifesting tool. (I'd love to hear about what helps you to manifest).

If you get your free book now, I'll also give you an audio bonus teaching you the difference between your true goals and your wishful glimmers. Stop setting yourself up for failure. Separate your goals from your glimmers with this audio.

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